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Save money by buying used LEMA equipment. LEMA’s refurbished equipment works flawlessly and makes for a cost-effective entry into the world of LEMA.

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LEMA TS 15/200 year of construction 2007

GM010 850€ incl.
LEMA TS 15/200 cold water high pressure cleaner

LEMA TS 15/200 year of construction 2006

GM009 850€ incl.
LEMA TS 15/200 cold water high pressure cleaner

IPC PW-C23 Year of manufacture 2018

GM020 450€ incl.
Cold water high pressure cleaner, 160bar

LEMA TB15/200 Year of construction 2008

GM019 850€ incl.
LEMA TB15/200 Cold water high pressure cleaner

Hand sweeper HKM 75I year of construction 2013

GM006 300€ incl.
For effortless cleaning of small to medium-sized areas “in passing”.

LEMA Mini P11/150

LEMA Mini P11/150 YEAR OF CONSTRUCTION 2019 Demonstrator

GM000 670€ incl.
The Mini-P 11/150 is an all-rounder with first-class technology. Created with slow speed crankshaft for versatile use.

Red Power 21/200 Year of manufacture 2014

GM005 1800€ incl.
The Red Power 21/200 – pure cleaning power.

Red Power 11/160hot Year of manufacture 2017

(Reserved)GM003 1300€ incl. (R638413)
The compact hot water high pressure cleaner Red Power 11/160hot is the perfect entry into cleaning with hot water.

Red Power 17/200hot Baujahr 2018

Der Red Power 17/200hot ist ein TOP-Heisswasser-Gerät für höchste Ansprüche. Die langsamlaufende Kurbelwellenpumpe ist das starke Herz des Heisswasser-Hochdruckreinigers.

Red Power 22/220hot.3 Demonstrator year of manufacture 2020

(Reserved)GM001 3900€ incl. (R10574)
The TOP device for highest demands. The Red Power 22/220hot.3 has the maximum power. The slow-running crankshaft pump is the powerful heart of the hot water high-pressure cleaner.

Red Power 15/190 Year of manufacture 2012

GM011 900€ incl.
The Red Power 15/190 – with integrated hose reel

Buyused LEMA-

If you want to buy one of our used devices, contact us by phone, by mail or simply make an appointment for a consultation. The equipment is all serviced and maintained.

Please note that not all used equipment is listed on our website, as the inventory is constantly changing. Please feel free to use the contact options to find out about the current status. We would be pleased to advise you individually which device is the best for your application needs. The pictures shown are for reference only, the actual unit may differ.

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