Red Power W25/200

The models from the W series represent the upper class in high-pressure cleaning with hot water at high pressure and high water volume. All components are of particularly high quality in order to guarantee the maximum service life for the high demands.


Stop & Go:

If the unit is not required, the unit switches to standby mode after 20 seconds and starts up again immediately after the gun is actuated.

Detergent admixture:

The use of cleaning agents is also convenient. A tank is available from which cleaning agent can be added in doses.

Double lance and dirt cutter:

The right nozzle for every application. High-pressure, low-pressure and dirt cutters can be changed over quickly and easily.

Safety System:

Maximum safety due to the built-in systems: temperature, pressure, water flow, etc. are automatically monitored. In case of malfunction, the device switches off. Consisting of: Safety valve, relief valve, thermal protection, motor protection, safety temperature switch.

High pressure pump:

Slow-running three-piston pump with ceramic piston, independent of direction of rotation, stainless steel valves, water-bearing parts corrosion-resistant, brass valve body.

Total Stop (optional):

After adjustable time in stand-by mode, the complete switch-off takes place automatically.

Flame Control:

Stop fuel supply in case of empty tank, misplaced filter or other malfunctions.

Soft Start:

Gentle start-up of pump and motor. The proportional pressure build-up prevents shocks to the motor, pump or heating system. The flexible coupling installed between motor and pump additionally ensures gentle and trouble-free running.

Drop and Drop System:

Shutdown in case of leakage outside operation to prevent damage. In the event of repeated unintentional switching on from stand-by mode (pressure loss, e.g. due to leakage), the machine switches off automatically.

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With the right accessories, working with the pressure washer is even more fun. You will find a selection of the most popular accessories below. Or you can go directly to the accessories overview.

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