LEMA is not only an expert in the field of high-pressure cleaners. In addition, the Upper Austrian family-owned company is a provider of a wide range of products around the topic of cleaning: Thus, LEMA has also been able to build up expertise in the field of vacuum cleaning systems, wet & dry vacuum cleaners & industrial vacuum cleaners.

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Wet-dry vacuum cleaner

Our wet-dry vacuums offer the advantage of being able to be used in both wet and dry areas.

Steam cleaner/vacuum cleaner

Perfect for deep and safe cleaning.

Industrial vacuum cleaner

LEMA industrial vacuums have the legal certificates for the removal of contamination in the processing of wood, metal, paper & cement.

Vacuum cleaning systems

The central vacuum systems are very popular, because they eliminate the need to lug the vacuum cleaner around.

Things to know about
Vacuum Cleaner.

As diverse as the tasks for vacuuming are, there are different devices for it. Whether you’re cleaning the inside of a car or vacuuming out a basement, it does make a difference. Either you opt for an all-rounder that solves many things well. Or a special device for very specific tasks. The LEMA program has grown with the requirements of the customers and therefore all devices are well tested in practice.

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