High pressure cleaners

LEMA is an expert when it comes to the most diverse applications of high-pressure cleaning technology. With us you also get comprehensive consulting services in the field of high pressure technology.

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mobile unheated

The classic high-pressure cleaner without boiler with the full range from small all-rounder to ultra-high pressure system.

mobile heated

Cleaning with the water heated in the boiler of the pressure washer means high dirt dissolving power with the mobile device.

stationary unheated

Power units designed for fixed mounting and easily withstand high stress and continuous operation.

stationary heated

The stationary high-pressure cleaning units with integrated boiler for uncompromisingly efficient dirt removal with hot water.


Interesting facts about
high pressure

What everyone knows, from the water pipe the water flows with about 5 bar pressure. A high-pressure cleaner makes 150 bar pressure upwards, upwards almost without limit. Well: For household tasks, 130 bar can be enough. In the professional sector, however, it can be 1,000 bar and more. For manual work, the limit is around 500 bar, because it is a feat of strength to hold the gun for long periods. However, it is not only the pressure that matters, but also the amount of water. While the pressure is primarily responsible for loosening the dirt, the water volume is responsible for the flushing capacity, i.e. the removal of the dirty water.

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