Heating devices for workshops, stables, hall drying and many other applications with direct or indirect combustion.

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large heaters

With the LEMA heating cannons we enable high heating performance combined with maximum possible flexibility.

mobile oil heated

Oil-fired mobile heating cannons from LEMA find their application mainly in agriculture, construction and hall heating.

Things to know about

Our heaters or heating cannons are units heated with oil, designed to heat the air in the room. It is essential to distinguish between direct and indirect combustion. In the case of direct combustion, combustion air arrives for heating along with the heated air. This has a very high efficiency, but the air quality is reduced depending on the intensity of the heating operation. In units with indirect combustion, the exhaust air is discharged separately and the air in the room to be heated is not exposed to combustion gases. However, the efficiency is lower than with direct combustion. Outputs range from 15kw to 220kW of heating power.

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