From practice for practice: many devices were developed by the suggestions of fire departments, for example, the practical hose washer, the high-pressure extinguisher and also some mud suckers. LEMA firefighting equipment has proven itself a thousand times over after storms and during other disaster operations.

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Firefighting accessories

Firefighting accessories from LEMA: filter bags, hoses and much more.

High pressure extinguishers

Devices for smothering local fires: Due to the small amount of water, the resulting damage can be kept as low as possible.

Mud vacuum cleaner

Tried and tested a thousand times after many storms: The sludge suction units from LEMA. Different container volumes, suction & pumping function.

Hose washer

With the LEMA hose washer, cleaning fire hoses is a breeze.

Things to know about
Firefighting technology.

High technology in firefighting technology has long been the norm. All developments that make work easier or faster are welcome. In no other area is material so ruthlessly put to the test. Therefore, robustness is the 1st prerequisite to ensure that mud vacuums, extinguishers and high-pressure cleaners have a long service life. LEMA has decades of experience in cooperation with fire departments.

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