Hot phase for a cool summer

Image floor cleaning

It is well known that summers are getting hotter and hotter, the weather more and more extreme. Cities want to create oases to cool off so temperatures are bearable. 1Acooling is an environmentally friendly system that provides simple, efficient and resource-saving cooling. Whether factory halls, public places or stables in animal husbandry are equipped, the temperature is lowered by approx. 5 to 8°C with it. It really cools you down.

The principle is very simple: evaporative cooling. As is well known, water evaporates (already from 1°C). This conversion of the aggregate state of water into steam is costly and extracts temperature from the ambient air. The result: cooler air. We know the effect when we get out of the water. We feel cold because the drops evaporate on our skin, causing our skin temperature to drop.

1Acooling multiplies this effect by atomizing the water with a high pressure of 70bar by means of fine nozzles. This process is useful in almost all production sectors. Describe your problem or requirement to us. Surely there is a (surprisingly efficient) solution for you as well. If you want the solution to take effect this summer, don’t wait any longer, call 0650 4800 650 – Mr. Hermann Bliem will be happy to advise you.

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