Sewer cleaning

What is a sewer rat, sewer rats, sewer cleaning hose?

The sewer cleaning hose is the indispensable help for serious blockages, for example: the toilet or sewage pipes from 40-150 mm. In total there are four nozzles at the front end of the hose. A nozzle radiates forward and clears the way. The other three nozzles are directed to the rear and provide the propulsion of the sewer cleaning hose. Due to the maneuverability and high efficiency of the hose, it is also called sewer rat or sewer rat. The power depends of course on the high pressure cleaner used. The stronger this is, the more forcefully the hose works its way through the blockage. The hose is available in lengths of 10 metres, 15 metres and 25 metres. The length should be calculated rather generously, because it doesn’t help if the sewer cleaning hose only gets 3/4 of the clogged pipe clear.

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