Clean workshop
at high pressure

The oil challenge: Hot water high-pressure cleaning in the workshop

The cleaning power of warm water and hot water cannot be compared with that of cold water. Or would you like to wash dishes with cold water? Surely not. It is the same in high pressure cleaning. Especially for soiling with oil and grease. Therefore, in a workshop for cleaning engine parts, drive components, bearings, turned parts, etc., the use of LEMA hot water equipment is optimal. To ensure that every task can be carried out perfectly, it is necessary to be able to adjust the pressure and water quantity variably.

High gloss & perfection in the workshop: Cleaning with high pressure cleaners

In a workshop there are a lot of parts that are smeared with oil. Even rust film, incrustations and burnt-in dirt are removed in no time. By reducing the pressure and/or the amount of water, even sensitive parts can be cleaned without damage.

Effortlessly, all dirty parts from small gearwheels to large drive shafts can be brought to a high gloss in the workshop. Last but not least, it is the workshop or the forecourt itself where perfect cleanliness can be achieved with a LEMA high-pressure cleaner.

LEMA surface washer

The LEMA surface washers are an excellent solution for this cleaning of the workshop. It works with the performance of a dirt cutter, but the splashing of water is prevented because the cleaning process takes place in the closed housing. Effortlessly clean the floor by moving forward slowly. This gives a much more even effect than using the dirt cutter. The distance to the floor always remains the same, so the result is also evenly cleaned. And thanks to the closed housing, spraying only takes place inside the surface washer. There is no polluted environment because of it. This makes working a pleasure.

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