Hochdruckreinigung mit

The fact that it is much easier to remove dirt with hot water is obvious. But what are the options for heating the large flow rate of water that a pressure washer requires?

3 ways to heat the water:

1. The cold water is electrically heated in the high pressure cleaner with heating rods. This requires a considerable amount of power of at least 15kW upwards to achieve an acceptable temperature.

  • Advantage: No burner unit required, no exhaust gases produced
  • Disadvantage: high connected load, limited heat output

2. The water is heated in the boiler of the hot water pressure washer. This is operated with fuel oil or diesel. The heating capacity is in the range of 50 to 100kW.

  • Advantage: high heating capacity, independent of location
  • Disadvantage: Can only be used indoors to a limited extent due to the exhaust fumes from combustion.

3. the high-pressure cleaner draws warm/hot water from a hot water tank (e.g. from a wood chip system). This means that flow temperatures of up to 85°C are possible, but the high-pressure cleaner must be designed in a version suitable for hot water.

  • Advantage: No burner unit required, no exhaust gases produced
  • Disadvantage: available hot water tank must be of large dimensions

The most flexible solution is usually the heated hot water high pressure cleaner. It combines high heating power with location-independent operation.

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