High pressure cleaning with
Internal combustion engine

What to do if no power grid is available?

LEMA offers a range of devices that can be operated without electricity from the socket.

The complete power spectrum is also available with petrol operation. High-pressure cleaning equipment can also be driven via the power take-off shaft, which is widely used in agriculture and forestry. This means that high pressure can be applied even in the most remote regions. Let us assume, for example, that technical equipment is to be cleaned on an alpine pasture.

High pressure cleaning without electricity – high pressure cleaner with petrol drive

Even if a power generator is available, it often has too little power to operate a powerful pressure washer. Here, petrol or power take-off drive are suitable alternatives. Depending on the power requirement, the desired strength can be made available via the speed of the drive. Tree barking also often takes place in the field where there is no electricity available. For example, it is possible to work absolutely self-sufficiently if the high-pressure unit is operated by the power take-off shaft of a tractor or Unimog and the water is sucked from a pond or river. LEMA builds systems for every requirement and every challenge, no matter how tricky.

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